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Join fellow Jeepers for the Second Annual Jeep Beach West. Beach, Sun, Jeeps, Driving on Dunes! Get excited by watching the official 2014 video! 
Please register for free by following the registration link. Registrants receive an entry bag with some unique JBW stickers, sponsor swag, and a product give away ticket. Giveaways provided by our gracious sponsors. As the 2nd Jeep Beach West, this event will grow based on your participation. Everyone please follow and enforce the Pack-it-in Pack-it-out mantra. Please help spread the word, or email if interested in helping organize or sponsor the event. Happy Jeeping.  
According to Pismo SB, June 13-14 will be solid dates, but awaiting final confirmation. For those who participated the 1st year, the calendar of events is currently the same, but it will likely be updated with new events and sponsors.  Additional changes in 2015: Will work with Pismo State Beach to have a dedicated camping area. TShirts and safety flags will be available for purchase this year!